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About Plus Size Heels

Have you found it easy to walk in and out of a store with cute heels in your size? If you have, this mini rant is not for you...

The Inspiration for Plus Size Heels

After a week long hunt for hot heels in my size, I had maxed out all my patience, and was now running on rage instead of calories. 

Why was it so hard to find sexy heels in my size?

I mean, honestly, who hasn't fallen in love with a pair of heels, only to be heart broken by the sales rep telling you it only goes up to size 10. 

This is has got to be a joke... right?

Thinking that it's no big deal, and that some other store must carry my size or just any plus size heel, the hunt began.

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Store after store after store, online shop, after online shop, click click CLICK!

It was hella frustrating, and I'm sure you can relate. 

Sometimes it's challenging to find sexy heels that fit, and sometimes cute or sexy aren't even options; the only option is settling for what fits.

Frankly, I had had enough and decided it was time for something that grabbed all the shoes from different stores and put it all in one place; even if I would be the only shopper: and even if I had to make it all by myself.  So yeah, that's what inspired the creation of


Plus Size Heels to the RESCUE!!!

Here at Plus Size Heels, we get it. 

We get that shoe shopping has been a struggle, and we're here to save you from the evils of ugly heels, heels that are too damn small, and secretly hating all the heels in your friend's closet.

Based in Canada, Plus Size Heels helps you explore an online oasis of trendy, cute, and sexy heels in women's size 11 and up that ship internationally from a variety of online retailers. That's right, our heels START at size 11 and make their way up. Plus it's not just our own manufactured heels that we offer... no, no, no, we save you time while shopping on all those other sites by displaying their size 11+ heels right here.

Not a fan of one brand, no problem, here's another. Don't like that one site for heels? Don't worry boo, we've got your back.

Our mission is quite simple, bring the "OMG this is perfect" pleasure back into shopping for plus size heels. Let us know if it's working or how we can improve by contacting us at

Happy shopping!

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